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Mario Vela, better known as Kodac Visualz, is a cut connoisseur when it comes to scratching in a genre known as turntablism.

Kodac Visualz is not your average turntablist/scratch DJ. He is a performer, an artist, a choice cut connoisseur when it comes to selecting premium slabs of precision vinyl laceration. His style is full of charisma, very smooth yet aggressive, able to captivate audiences like a camera captures pictures.

Kodac Visualz approaches the crossfader with a style he has cra ed through years of turntable philosophy – a style he calls Asthmafunk.

This is known as letting the scratch breathe (pause, change in tempo), allowing himself and the listener a chance to take in and feel the natural scratch expression as if they were breathing through an inhaler.

Kodac has garnered much attention with the online release of Asthmafunk Scratch Sessions on his YouTube channel, influencing the next generation of DJ’s and turntablists. Kodac has shared the stage with many artists, locally and nationally, from E-40 to Talib Kweli


Hailing from the streets of central California Jose Orosco, stage name Bakon, was born the 6th of August back in 1984 to parents of Mexican and Native American descent. At an early age he was exposed to the hip hop community and other genera’s of music, like music by the Invisible Scratch Pickles, which have contributed to his unique style of music. He found himself in love with the art and music of the hip hop culture so he decided to not only admire it but contribute to it in any way he possibly could, he took up the turntables. Over the course of 13 years he honed his skills taking part in numerous scratch battles, mixing beats and even taking part of the Battle Ave: Triad Breaks record. His hard work caught the attention of the Asthmafunk Krew and in 2015 he was asked to join. When he is not in the studio or spending time with his family you can find Jose tattooing at the Restless Valley Ink tattoo shop where he specializes in lettering and realism with heavy west coast influence.


Joseph Bermudo also known as “ISO”,  is a vinyl  sound manipulator (turntablist) performing mostly in the art of skratching. Born sanjose ca but raised in sacramento, He started Djing in 1998 as a mobile dj for 5 years till he quit and pursued the art of turntablism. ISO has awoken in a music genre that has grew substantially into a culture , a dj culture. He has Entered dj battles and showcased his skratching prowess along the west coast.  Iso is now part of one of the illest turntablists crew from the bay area, known as Asthmafunk. His goal is solely to his crew and to the culture of turntablism. You can witness his craft on social media and on the debut album of “ASTHMAFUNK”


AsthmaFunk Affiliate
Dj for Groundsick (
Dj’n all styles since 98 
Battling since 06
Done every kind of Dj gig you can throw at him. Can read a crowd and display tricks to any genre. Been listening to music since birth. Started making compilation/mix tapes (real cassettes) in high school. Started buying records and learning how to blend House/Hip Hop/Top40/DnB/Jungle. With the birth of Dj software that just added to his arsenal of tricks and opened up all genres of music.

Battling since 06
Pepsi Qquest
DMC 08 teams
DMC 12 SF Regionals
DMC 14 SF Regionals
DMC 15 SF Regional (placed)
Performed at Various Skratchpad’s (SF,SJ,Sac)
Performed at Warped Tour with Bring It Back
Churchward Pub 2015 Dj Invitational (2nd Place)
Mighty 4 Cut2Cut invitational (Top 4)


Dj Idea is native from Hawaii, as well as California. Influenced by many such as D-Styles, Dj Qbert , Toadstyle and Mike Boo. Idea has been in the dj game for 15 years.His work includes being featured on Qbert’s DIY 2, beat production on Qbert’s Needle Thrasher’s Alpha , as well as providing high quality videography work for SkratchPoop; a YouTube vlog, alongside his girl Dj Lok, featuring the Skratch djs’ lifestyle. He is also a member of the crew Asthmafunk, based in California.Upcoming works include a 7″ Skratch record that is targeted to be released early this year, as well as a clothingline.Stay tuned!